Welcome to the home of Blackfoot Taxi on the web. Call (678) 334-8839 for service. Open 6am - 9pm, with overnight appointments available. We are cleared to do business state-wide. Our home zone is Riverdale, GA; Forest Park, GA; Northern Jonesboro, GA; Morrow, GA, and Lake City, GA. Extra charges may apply to business originating outside this area. Call (678) 334-8839 for more information. 

Blackfoot taxis are easily recognized due to the markings and our indentifier - the black rims they sport. Blackfoot is a euphemism to describe the black rims on the fleet. We are pet-friendly (with or without a crate). Appointments are welcome, and we accept most CCs. Be aware of security cameras in the cars. Use of the service implies consent to be recorded.

Shuttle service to Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.

Driver may request fare in advance.

For the convenience of those visitors in need of a ride, below is a fare estimator. These are non-binding. It utilizes Atlanta's taxi rates and adds a 15% tip, providing you a very general number. Thanks Taxi Fare Finder. Touch the "Blackfoot Taxi - Rates of Fares" (lower right) to see how and what we charge.

You can remove the 15% gratuity using the following formula.

No smoking / weapons / drugs / open alcohol containers.

Fare Estimate  x  0.15  (15%) =  Tip Amount
Fare Estimate - Tip Amount  =  Trip Estimate

We service all of Georgia. Our home zone is Clayton County.

We are active and have fun on social media. All things local Atlanta area can be found, as well as tech news, updates about us, Atlanta pictures, etc. @blackfoottaxi

Credit cards accepted.

Appointments welcome.

Blackfoot is attempting to crowdfund our evolution into a zero emissions, energy independent entity. The plan is to be parting ways with oil in our buisiness forever. The business plan can be obtained here, on the "About Us," and FAQ pages. Help transportation move to the next level.

Pet friendly.

Taxis are available.

If you have a valid Georgia driver's license with a "for hire" endorsement, you can rent a vehicle and make money. Drivers are paid daily. Download the lease agreement here Accept credit card payments with your personal merchant account or we can process them for you at a cost of 2.75% or 3.25% (squareup.com).