Blackfoot is a new and different kind of cab company. Before opening we decided to become a recognizable for the right reasons. The company mission statement says we are an environmentally responsible, energy independent transportation service. We are the prime, embracing the 21st Century. As a socially responsible company, it is inherently our duty to improve the condition of the people and communities supporting us. Whether it be deployment of smart technology, instituting programs, sponsoring education, we will be a beacon to our community. The money for these programs are derived from our "Community Betterment" fund.

Blackfoot Taxi Philosophy and Business

The business plan (PDF or audio) outlines the steps we take over the next 3 years. The ultimate goals are to clean up transportation; improve the lot of those who support us; build a global brand that endures (Taxi Network); and have something to pass to future generations. 

Blackfoot Taxi logo

The taxis are outfitted with the latest computerized metering equipment, as well as safety essentials. We are also the first to utilize cameras in the vehicles, to deter misbehavior and assist law enforcement when necessary.

Available vehicles

Blackfoot Taxi logo


The Ghost

We are a small company as of now and do what we can. Our current fleet consist of Toyota Prius', which are gas / electric hybrids getting 50 miles to the gallon. Our training program teaches drivers to respect the business and customers.  It discourages thirstiness, and stresses knowledge of their value while remaining professional.

We are going all the way green, gravitating towards use an all electric fleet and will power that fleet with energy made using renewable sources solar, wind, and thermoelectric means. This is the crux of the plan.

This five passenger technological miracle boasts 50+ miles per gallon from its hybrid electric/gas propulsion system. Our contractors get the most from their fuel dollars.

An all electric fleet does not emit any greenhouse gases. It doesn't require the same level of maintenance a gasoline powered car does. By reducing our expenses, we can reduce what we charge. In our area, cost is top priority of people using transportation services. The only way we can compete with the illegal Nationwide Tech Taxis is to reduce costs and make our own energy.

Credit cards accepted.

Pet friendly.

We service all of Georgia. Our home zone in Clayton County. 

Shuttle service to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Driver may request fare in advance.

No smoking / weapons / drugs / or open alcohol containers.


The Mouse