Blackfoot is a new and different kind of cab company. We will take over the world, not just our market. Before opening we decided to become a recognizable brand for the right reasons. The company mission statement says we provide a transportation service that is not damaging the environment. We are the prime, moving towards a 21st Century, Zero Emissions Taxi Company. Our business model reduces expenses across the board, allowing us to charge less and thus be competitive with the ride-share platforms. 

Blackfoot Taxi Philosophy and Business

We are an enviromentally responsible company. Our business model can yeild a 100% reduction in carbon emissions. Technological advances in cars make it possible. The 16 page business plan (PDF) outlines all the steps we will take over the next 3 years. The ultimate goals are clean up transportation; build a global brand name that endures; and have a business to pass to future generations. But it can not last, it is all for naught if the future world is inhospitable because of what we do now. We will do our part.

Blackfoot Taxi logo

The taxis are outfitted with the latest computerized metering equipment, as well as safety essentials. We are also the first to utilize security cameras in vehicles, to deter misbehavior and assist law enforcement when necessary.

Available vehicles

Blackfoot Taxi logo


The Ghost

As of now we are a small company, still living by the code. Our fleet is comprised of two vehicles, both Toyota Prius' that get 54 miles to a gallon. With proper driving techniques, that can be increased to 65 to 70 mpg. Our drivers receive this training soon after starting.

In the near future, we will be gravitating towards energy independence and use an all electric fleet. This will negate the expenses of gasoline and other associated fossil fuels from much of our business model. As leasees are usually responsible for the daily fuel, this means more money in their pockets. 

The Work-Day Special: during the hours of 6 am to 10 pm, Monday - Friday, all trips with one person originating in our home zone saves 20% on your distance. (Instead of $2.00 per mile, the sale rate is $1.60.) For a limited time, and only applies to trips that meet the above criteria. 

This five passenger technological miracle boasts 50+ miles per gallon from its hybrid electric/gas propulsion system. Our contractors get the most from their fuel dollars.

An all electric fleet does not emit any greenhouse gases. True, if the electricity recharging our cars is made using a dirty fuel, that carbon should be charged to us. So our building is designed to suppy our energetic needs, generating electricity using a system with solar and wind components and storage batteries. 

It is because our business is so structured that we do not allow drivers to use private vehicles as taxis.

Credit cards accepted.

Pet friendly.

We service all of Georgia. Our home zone in Clayton County. 

Shuttle service to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Driver may request fare in advance.

No smoking / weapons / drugs / or open alcohol containers.


The Rock