How much does it cost?

The image below is our rates of fares. The cars are equipped with meters, which calculate the total for each trip. A trip estimator is on the first page of this site. 

How far do you travel?

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Blackfoot Taxi logo

We will drop you anywhere you have the funds to go.

Where did the name "Blackfoot" come from?

Blackfoot describes our fleet identifyer in the vernacular: our cars ride on black rims, or black feet.

What does this symbol (                            ) mean?

This means prosperity, good fortune, blessings, honor. It loosely resembles a footprint, which was good enough for our purposes.

(FYI: Rates are set by the company and act as guides to our independent contractors.)

Investment opportunities?

1. Respect the driver and car.

2. Shirts, socks, and shoes required.

3. No smoking in the vehicle.

4. No weapons allowed.

5. No drugs allowed.

6. No open containers.

What's up with the Taxi Network?

The Taxi Network is a zero emissions transportation platform. It is homegrown, rolled out in the South of Atlanta area first, then spreading throughout Georgia and the rest of the world starting in 2017. Stay tuned on social media for updates.

Does Blackfoot Taxi offer "Black Car" service?


Blackfoot's Rules of the Taxi

Yes. We are crowdfunding this first round for $10,000,000.00 to go all the way 'Green.' The next round for $50,000,000.00 will be open to investors for shares of the company. If you wish to donate now, please use the link below to reach our Go Fund Me page.

Does Blackfoot allow drivers to use personal vehicles?


How do I recover items lost in the taxi?

You should call the company immediately upon noticing the item missing. The operator will take down the information, and have the driver check the vehicle for the item. If it is found, arrangements will be made to have it returned.

Important Documents