The Fastest Way To A Ride In Georgia

The Taxi Network of Georgia describes an open sourced collective of licensed professional drivers who have put aside the normal competitive business practices to come together and provide Georgia with a most comprehensive base of zero emissions transportation options to access when they need a ride. 

Do you use taxis?

Drivers, it makes sense to become members. You need an electric taxi, or be an electric taxi company. The network is Georgia wide - you can work anywhere in the state. The apps do what they are supposed to do - provide pick up and destination addresses; navigation suggestions; in-app passenger notification; etc.

 Traveling to Georgia and want the safety of licensed transportation?

Need an alternative when the other networks are unavailable?

The Taxi Network does not set any rates, handle money or billing. That falls to the taxi who answers the call. Tipping is encouraged if your driver performs up to standard. Customers can leave feedback on trips they took on the Network's Facebook page (coming soon). Whether good or bad, put it out there and let us know. 

It is free for riders. It does not surge during peak demand. A smartphone with data is required. Simply download the app, insert the appropriate information and summon the nearest electric taxi to your location. Appointments can be scheduled. Accounts can be set up, both corporate and personal. Links to the applications are below. 

Our members pay monthly dues of $99.99 USD. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. 

This is a business referral tool, a transportation platform wherein you accept jobs for money. Everything flows through the driver app. The individual taxis use their own rates, meter the trips and accept payment. We do not charge a percentage of the money you make through the portal.

Anyone can join, large companies to independents. To qualify taxis need to be electric, the driver has a valid driver's license with 'For Hire' endorsement; they must accept credit cards and have the ability to print or email receipts; and must carry their own commercial insurance. 

Interested parties may contact Allen Stewart for more information about joining. +1-678-334-8839.

If you're a taxi in rural Georgia, this is the perfect system for you. You will accord yourself a new level of accessability. Our marketing push will likely reach more people who need your services in your area than you could alone. If you're involved, you will get that business. There are so many possible applications for this initiative.

In order for us taxis to survive in this new world of cheap competition, we have to be smart. What this will do is, in essence, make a super-fleet. There is strength in numbers. Specifically in Georgia, this will allow taxi drivers to work outside of their native area. It used to be one had to return to "base" after a long trip. If we have our way, that taxi would just turn on their "Taxi Network" driver app and start receiving jobs where he is. After a day, he finds his way home. The aim is to get more meter time.

Taxi Network uses licensed electric taxis to fulfill customer requests.

As for future plans, we will take the Taxi Network to each state, then the world. India, Britian, The Czech Republic, and they will join. In 10 years, we are shooting for a billion users and 20,000,000 member taxis. 

Membership also comprises inclusion in the club's marketing effort. Your logo or business name will be placed on our website - with contact information. This way, when people see us, they will see our members also. In-app marketing is included. The small decals you receive is to place on your vehicle(s) displaying Taxi Network association. Members are also encouraged to blog on our Taxi Network Facebook page. 

(These buttons do not work at present. We are currently researching for hosts who can handle our activities.)